My offer

I can help you by analysing and examining all documents that require verification of an expert witness in the field of handwriting analysis. I do a classic handwriting examination in criminology. An expert opinion can constitute a trial evidence for courts, prosecutors and police and it may have a significant impact on the investigation and the court judgments.

I offer forensic examination of handwriting, i.e.: kontakt

verifying the authenticity of signatures (fully written, short signatures, initial signatures)

confirming the authenticity of any handwritten documents or all typewritten documents with handwritten notes (contracts, wills, letters, invoices)

an examination of anonymous letters – identification of the author based on so called “linguistic trace”

identification of works of art based on a comparison with the original signature.

I accept orders from judicial bodies as well as private clients.

How to prepare the materials for a forensic document examination?

In order to conduct a reliable examination of handwritten documents two kinds of the materials are needed: questioned document and comparative material (as much as possible). For example: if you suspect, that the last will of your parent has been forged, please send me the other archival documents showing the handwriting of the testator (e.g. letters or any documents signed by them). If you suspect that your illegible signature (co called initial) has been forged, please send me scans of your authentic illegible signatures. The most important 2 rules for comparative material are: 1. the more, the better! 2. the comparative material should come from roughly the same time as the questioned document.